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Vicosoprano is the old capital of the Valley. It is possible to admire the San Cassiano church built near the year one thousand then restored and modified in the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries; the Santa Trinità church, building dating to early Baroque; the Pretorian with its torture cells; the tower of the von Salis family and the old bridge over the Mera river. Leaving the centre towards Borgonovo it is possible to see two scaffolding pillars used for hanging. Opposite, on a rocky protrusion, the Caslac ruin rises, rudiment of a tower.

Praetorian with round Tower
The Praetorian was the seat of the municipal offices as well as the valley law court, united by a single jurisdiction. It was also the place in which toll fees where collected.
The prisons where placed in the Tower and it's possible to see torture instruments that where used.
In the nearby Cudin glade, the macabre scaffolding pillars arise where those accused of witchcraft were hung.

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