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Birthplace of the artists' family Giacometti. The Cińsa Granda was built in 1581 by Giovanni Stampa and at the moment hosts the Vallerano Museum and shows ethno-graphic documents, naturalistic collections and works of art of the artists Giacometti and Varlin.
West of the village is "Masso avello", medieval tomb excavated from rock and unique in all of eastern Switzerland.
At Coltura it is possible to see Palazzo Castelmur, an imposing building which dates back to the eighteenth - nineteenth century. There is also the San Pietro church dating 1743. In the chancel it is possible to admire the painting "Il mattino della resurrezione" (The morning of the resurrection) dated 1915 by Augusto Giacometti.

Palazzo Castelmur with the historical Record Office
The imposing Neo-Gothic building dates back to the years between 1850-1855 when Baron Giovanni de Castelmur extended the eighteenth century patrician mansion belonging to the Redolfi family. The south fašade was added and then framed with embattled towers and the inside furnishings are in Louis Philippe style.
On the second floor an exhibition has been set up regarding the activity of Swiss confectioners abroad. The local historical Record Office holds a vast documentation of the Bregaglia.

Cińsa Granda museum and Giacometti gallery
The 'big house', built by Giovanni Stampa in 1581, was bought in the 50's by the Cultural Society of Bregaglia and then restored becoming the Casa della Cultura (Culture House). For many years now, the Cińsa Granda hosts the museum of the valley with ethno-graphic documentation, a mineral collection and a naturalistic museum.
In the modern room of the basement, some of the work of the artists in the Giacometti family are exhibited, as well as those of Varlin.

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