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A border village which is encircled by chestnut woods, it is interesting for its old village wash-houses, the Caslac tower ruins on the northern slope and the educational route within the woods. The evangelistic church dates back to 1660, the bell-tower built by Pietro Bolla in 1675 and the clock mounted by Elias Bart in 1678. The church of San Giovanni Battista, cited for the first time in 1409, is situated in the Boscaia quarter of Castasegna; the nave and chancel reveal various phases of restructuring.

Educational route of Castagneto
The castagneto (chestnut wood) represents a piece of history and culture which is very important to the village of Castasegna. To get to know it better, an educational route has been set up which gives information about certain aspects regarding the flora and fauna of the territory, the variety of the chestnuts and their cultivation. By using a model 'farmhouse', still in use, it's possible to see how the chestnuts are dried and processed. On request, guided tours are organized.

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