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"Clavenna", which means the key to the Alps, is an important transit centre to the Reno area and has been since Roman times.
Today it is a thriving tourist centre filled with culture and with a historical town centre extraordinarily well preserved.
The Museo del Tesoro (Treasure Museum) and the Mulino di Bottonera (Bottonera Mill) are particularly interesting; as for parks, the Botanical-Archaeological Parco del Paradiso and the Marmitte dei Giganti are well worth a visit.

Museo del Tesoro (Treasure Museum)
Within the suggestive collegiate church of San Lorenzo, the museum preserves a vast store of precious vestment and sacred furnishings, a very rare musical code which dates back to the eleventh century and the "Pace di Chiavenna" (Peace of Chiavenna), evangelistic cover of the twelfth century in embossed gold, gems and precious miniatures, masterpiece of medieval goldsmith.

Battistero - San Lorenzo
Made from a single block of ollare stone with a diameter of 180 centimetres and a height of 83 centimetres, this dates back to the year 1156. On its border, an inscription which recalls the names of the two municipal Consuls who commissioned the work is carved, plus that of the artist. The embossed work which decorates the basin, describes the Holy Saturday ceremony when water was blessed for the baptism.

Mulino di Bottonera (Bottonera Mill)
Situated in the old artisan district of Chiavenna is a rare example of industrial architecture where, even today, the atmosphere of the uninterrupted work of nineteenth century millers is still present. Distributed on four floors, it offers the possibility to admire the valuable carpentry work with which its main parts were built.

Botanical Paradise - Archaeological Park
Within the most ample protected areas of the "Marmitte dei Giganti" natural reserve, the "Paradiso" botanical-archaeological park offers the possibility to observe many botanical varieties and numerous archaeological and historical remains, as well as enjoying a beautiful panoramic view of the entire valley.
There is also the possibility to visit the Torrione, with the naturalistic section of Valchiavenna.

Marmitte dei Giganti Park
Phenomena of glacial origin such as smooth rocks, furrows, small basins, but mainly "marmitte dei giganti", deep pits or potholes hollowed out in the rocks from the water of the melting glaciers. The word "marmitta" is an appropriate word to indicate the circular cavities which the farmers always found in the woods: the shape is like that of a pot and the dimensions make one think of giants.

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